Mary Jo Barnett, M.Ed


“Mary Jo has always been there for us! Raising a child is not easy – we all know and experience that. There’s additional complexity raising a child with unique needs, which sometimes are not easily defined and change over time. We consider ourselves resourceful parents, but we were in despair when everything we tried did not work. We are grateful to have found Mary Jo, who focused on our daughter’s needs, provided new insights, and presented a range of options for us to consider. This is not an easy journey, but with Mary Jo’s guidance, we are confident that we are providing our daughter with the best resources to fulfill her dreams.”
Parent, 2014

“We feel so blessed to have found you, Mary Jo, an Education Consultant with such expertise, kindness and understanding. We know from the few weeks working with you that you have taken our son under your “wings” You have made this challenging and emotional process so much better for all of us. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, thank you! You have given our son (and our family) a new beginning.”
Parent, 2013