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Steps To Success

How is Choosing a School or Therapeutic Treatment Program
Like Buying a Pair of Shoes?

We have all heard that a student’s success in school requires finding a “Good Fit” for the student. But what does that really mean? What else in life requires the perfect fit? Our shoes, of course!

Let’s take an imaginary shoe shopping trip and watch how we choose our shoes. You will see how this relates to choosing a school and how finding the right school or program makes such a difference to the comfort and success of a student.

First we usually consider the Style of shoes. Every student needs to feel they fit in with the peer group at their school. Whether their style is preppy or casual, athletic or artistic they need to feel comfortable with the students and teachers in their school in order to do their best. A student’s personal style often reflects their personality and learning style. Being at the right type of school, with the right Style, will be like wearing a favorite pair of shoes that fit. It encourages the student to be a participating member of the school community.

Another very important aspect of shoe choice is Comfort. No matter how stylish our shoes may be, if we cannot wear them daily the shoes just don’t fit! The appropriate academic challenge, the available support for learning differences or the right level of therapeutic care in a school is like the Comfort needed to succeed in school. A school that’s too easy or too hard, too strict or too lenient for a student’s needs will never be comfortable for a student and they will not do their best.

So how does a parent find the Right Fit for Student Success? Know your son or daughter’s style. Look for a school or treatment program that understands and respects your child. Give her/him an opportunity to demonstrate his / her strengths and talents even if he is struggling in some areas of his life. Wearing that right pair of shoes will help you walk or run faster and farther. Finding the right school or program where your child can succeed, be comfortable and successful will take your child farther in life.

At Pathways Education Planning our passion is helping you find the right “fit” services, school or placement help for your child. We have “walked in your shoes” because we have personal experience as a parent seeking services for our children when they were struggling. Our understanding of what you are going through as a parent and our professional experience will help you be comfortable and confident as you make decisions to benefit your child’s education and life.

Measuring a child’s foot is the only way to insure that their new shoes are the correct size. We help you measure your child’s needs to insure you are providing the right help that he/ she needs at this time. We will be your source of information and your family advocate as you make these important decisions to help your child walk into the future. Please allow us to be your guide through the challenging, but rewarding walk toward your child achieving her/his potential.