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Pathways Education Planning is a Partner to Parents.

Getting your student the help he/she needs can be as simple as finding a good tutor or as complicated as your child starting over in a new classroom, school or program that correctly meets his/her unique needs.

Our placement fees cover Follow-Up Services including unlimited emails/telephone conferences with parents and weekly calls with counselors, specialists and teachers as we supervise the new services or program to help insure that it is helping your student.

With your permission we will receive all progress reports and will confer with you regarding your child’s progress. If a problem should arise we are there to offer you support and help you negotiate the best services for your child.

When a parent embarks on the journey to find the best education for their child it can sometimes feel like a lonely path. Teachers and school administrators often feel bound by established educational practices and by regulations. This can be very frustrating to parents and can limit children’s access to the services they need. We will work with you to evaluate the options available to your child and help you choose the best path to not only get the right services but make sure it is really helping your child.

Enrolling your student in a new local school, a boarding school or a therapeutic placement is often a very stressful experience for parents. Parents find having our Follow-Up Services relieves some of the stress and gives them confidence to ask questions or engage with the school in a professional and competent manner that often yields very positive results. We hope we will have the opportunity to work with you and your student.