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Our Services

Welcome to Pathways Education Planning,

If you are looking for help for an important young person in your life we are so happy you found us. We have both the professional qualifications and the challenging personal experience to understand your situation and help your family.

Strategies for Parents
“I Want My Child to Feel Better About School and Life. What Can I Do to Help?”

Ideas for Students
“I Need Help Planning My Future…Getting Into College”

Our Mission is to help find solutions to guide a child or young adult who is struggling in school, trying to plan for the future or making poor decisions that result in difficulties in life. Each student and family is unique in their challenges and hopes for the future.

Resources for Helping Professionals
“My Client Needs Help Finding Services, a Better School or a Therapeutic Program”

We assist doctors, mental health professionals, educators and lawyers  who know their young clients’ need specialized help, but they are not sure where to find it.  We tour and evaluate more than 25 schools and treatment programs each year to bring up-to-date information for our clients on the best available school services, schools and therapeutic treatment programs available for each student.

Partnering with parents, we help them think through what is going on with their child. Our services can help resolve communication problems between parents and the school. We will identify the child’s strengths and challenges, and then build a plan based specifically on what your child needs at this time.

Working together we find out the goals of parents or helping professionals and what resources are available to help the child, teenager or young adult have more confidence, success and happiness.


Families seek our help to overcome the effects on their children of some of the following situations:
Stressful Divorce
Learning Problems
Legal Problems
Family Conflict
Poor Peer Choices
Adoption Issues
Autism Spectrum
Abuse or Neglect
Grief & Loss
Effects of Bullying
Social Isolation
School Anxiety
Substance Abuse/Addiction
Mental Illness
Sexual Promiscuity
Chronic Health Problems
Psychiatric Hospitalization