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Advocacy Services for Special Needs

Parents are natural advocates for their children. But often they are unfamiliar with the procedures and laws that seem to limit the extra help their child needs be more successful in school. At Pathways Education Planning our Advocacy Services guide parents on how to get through the maze of laws and regulations that control access to helpful services for children in school.

If your child is struggling in school you may be experiencing a range of emotions from fear, sadness and anger to excitement, relief and hope. Identifying that a problem exists and understanding what needs to be done to fix it is what carries a frustrated parent toward hope for their child’s future.

There is nothing harder for parents than seeing our children miss out on the opportunities and the help they need to grow up confident and successful. Good special education services are intensive and expensive and the resources in schools are often limited. If you are the parent of a child with special needs you may need to fight to get the help your child needs.

We have been trained in the Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training. Pathways Education Planning Advocacy Services will provide you with information, skills and tools to help get services to which your child may be legally entitled.

Our Advocacy Services include the following:

  • Educate parents about services available to under-achieving students
  • Guide parents in information gathering to support their child’s needs and educational progress
  • Assist parents with letter writing as needed to initiate assessment and services
  • Educate parents on the procedures they must follow to protect their and their children’s rights
  • Attend school meetings with parents to ask questions and propose solutions on the child’s behalf