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Colleges for Learning Differences

Going to college is a rite of passage. But students with a learning disability, anxiety, depression or other health problems often face an up-hill challenge when they start college. Pathways Education Planning can help your student be more successful making the transition from high school through college or job training and on to a rewarding career.

First consider a very sobering fact:

Barely half of students who start four-year colleges, and only a third of community college students will graduate.

Imagine the lost opportunities, unrealized hopes, dreams and rewarding careers that are abandoned! Imagine the crushing loss of confidence these young people feel when they “fail” at college.

The answer to creating a better chance for the your student’s success lies in the selection of the right college or job training program—one that offers the extra services and help your student needs. This care and attention has long been part of college life at elite colleges which boast an almost 90% graduation rate. What do these students receive that helps them so much? If they get into trouble an army of advisors, life coaches and tutors are there to support and advise them. But many students with learning and health challenges are enrolling in colleges where they do not get this much needed support—schools where they simply cannot do their best. Then they often blame themselves when they are not successful.

As consumers of a Higher Education families should choose a college that will work with and for their students toward their college success. Every college has a Disabilities Service Office to support students with disabilities of all kinds. These services range from very minimal to thoroughly comprehensive. A strong student support program will offer students help selecting/registering for appropriate classes and professional tutoring, if needed. Some students will benefit from smaller classes, quieter testing settings or receiving technological help (all known as “Accommodations”) to help them demonstrate the knowledge they have learned.

Choosing a college or job training program that fits your student requires knowledge and research. At Pathways Education Planning we will get to know your student very well. We will show you supportive schools that match your student’s interests and strengths—schools that will increase your student’s chance of success.