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Our Clients

We help parents who are feeling worried and helpless find new opportunities for their child or teenager.

We are optimistic about every child, teen or young adult’s future! The parents who contact us are sometimes frustrated; discouraged with their child or with the school their child attends. Often they have tried everything and run out of ideas. Our clients are often unhappy in school when we meet them. But they are all young people whose parents’ want to help them get a great education leading to a happy, independent and successful adulthood.

Some of our students have been challenging to their parents since they were little kids. Others did fine in life and school through the elementary grades, but began to experience problems as they got older. Some have never had a tutor, counselor or therapist—others have been receiving special help all their lives. Some are eager for help and change; others refuse to talk to adults about anything! Whatever their story, we have the skills and resources to help our clients get started in a new direction.


Common concerns expressed by parents of our young clients include the following:
Bad or Failing Grades
School Refusal
Oppositional Behavior
Aggressive Behavior
Eating Disorders
Alcohol/Drug Use
Extreme Moodiness
Bipolar Disorder
Bored or Not Challenged in School
Social Anxiety
Bad Peer Group
Severe Family Conflict
Self Harm/Suicide Concerns
Social Rejection
Computer/Technology Abuse
Refusal to Accept Parental Limits
Law Breaking
High School
Under-Achieving Gifted Student
Risk-Taking Behavior
Non-compliance with Medically Necessary Health Practices