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Why hire an Education Consultant when there is help on the Internet?

We provide qualitative analysis of your choices and how appropriate they are for your student.

Using the services of an Education Consultant is a cost-effective and stress-reducing investment. Few decisions have as great an impact on the life of a student and family as the choice of a school, college or therapeutic treatment program. Many schools compete for your attention on the Internet, but we are first, and foremost, an advocate for your student. Tapping into our knowledge and expertise can help make the difference between the right school match for your student and a less than high-quality, successful experience. Consultants receive no financial compensation from any school or program and adhere to professional ethical practices.


How much do you charge for helping families?

Every student and family’s needs are unique so it’s difficult to predict the exact price of services.

Mary Jo’s hourly rate is $150. Bundled services can be purchased for a Student Needs Assessment or Special Needs Advocacy Services. For school or therapeutic placements, most families find it’s a better value to purchase a Comprehensive Placement Package. Packages include unlimited research for your student’s best placement; unlimited contacts between the consultant, the parents and prospective/ chosen school representatives before, during and weekly throughout the placement. Prices for package services vary depending on the type of placement needed, but range from $1,200 for a local private school to $3,000 for a therapeutic placement.


Why Do You Request Fee Payment in Advance?

As with other professional consulting service contracts, our advance payment contract confirms all parties commitment. It gives us your permission to serve your needs to the fullest extent possible. We take a limited number of clients at a time in order to provide excellent service when it is needed. Our professional experience provides a significant advantage to our clients in selecting the best placement option. From our experience we know there are predictable immediate services and costs. Often phone calls, text messages, emails and support interventions occur after business hours. Advance payment sometimes allows us to travel to visit and evaluate options for the child so parents visit only the best places to apply. Our service to you begins on the first phone call and we begin researching options to help your child immediately. We give our families superior support and attention. Alternate payment arrangements can be made if absolutely necessary.


What If We Are Not Satisfied?

Every parent wants the best for their child. Your student’s future success is our primary goal too. Our recommendations are provided on a best informed basis, as a result of professional evaluation of each student’s needs, interests & abilities. The recommendations are based on the accuracy of information submitted by the student/parent & information available from schools/programs. We will advocate only for placements that are appropriate for your child and work with you until you find the school or help your child needs.