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Our warm-hearted guidance and expertise helps families find the best schools and treatment programs where students of all ages can reach their potential for success.
Mary Jo Barnett, M.Ed
Founder of Pathways Education Planning
We can help you with creative & effective solutions to understand and help your child now.
Schools that
Inspire & Heal

Doing well in school is the most important work of childhood and adolescence. Just as an adult working at the wrong job is miserable and needs a change, so a child who is not being successful in school benefits when the adults in her/his life assist in making things better. At Pathways Education Planning we guide you toward solutions to help your student be happier and more successful.

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Colleges for
Learning Differences

Going to college is a rite of passage. But students with a learning disability, anxiety, depression or other health problems often face an up-hill challenge when they start college. Pathways Education Planning can help your student be more successful making the transition from high school through college or job training and on to a rewarding career.

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Advocacy Services
for Special Needs

Parents are natural advocates for their children. But often they are unfamiliar with the procedures and laws that seem to limit the extra help their child needs be more successful in school. At Pathways Education Planning our Advocacy Services guide parents on how to get through the maze of laws and regulations that control access to helpful services for children in school.

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