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  • Getting Started

    Sometimes just making that first phone call is the hardest part of figuring out what’s going on with a child or young adult and how to make things better. We will help you identify your child’s strengths and challenges, and then build a plan based specifically on your child.

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  • Steps To Success

    How is Choosing a School, College or Therapeutic Treatment Program Like Buying a Pair of Shoes? We have all heard that a student’s success in school requires finding a “Good Fit” for the student. But what does that really mean? What else in life requires the perfect fit? Our shoes, of course!

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  • Followup

    Getting your student the help he/she needs can be as simple as finding a good tutor or as complicated as your child starting over in a new classroom, school or program that correctly meets his/her unique needs.

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Our warm-hearted guidance and expertise helps families find the best schools and treatment programs where students can reach their potential for success.

Mary Jo Barnett, M.Ed
Founder of Pathways Education Planning

We can help you with creative & effective solutions to understand and help your child now.

Schools that Inspire & Heal

Doing well in school is the most important work of childhood and adolescence. Just as an adult working at the wrong job is miserable and needs a change, so a child who is not being successful in school benefits when the adults in her/his life assist in making things better. At Pathways Education Planning we guide you toward solutions to help your student be happier and more successful.